Tuesday, September 12, 2006

DuPont Scientists Honored for Inventing CFC Alternatives


WILMINGTON, Del., Sept. 8, 2006 - Twenty years after international scientists determined that chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) were impacting the ozone layer, three DuPont scientists are being recognized for their invention of non-ozone-depleting alternatives.

The Heroes of Chemistry awards will be presented by the American Chemical Society (ACS) in San Francisco, Calif., on Sept. 10. ACS is the world's largest scientific society.

The three DuPont scientists are: Donald B. Bivens, Ph.D., a former process engineer and research scientist at DuPont and now a consultant for the company; Mark B. Shiflett, Ph.D., a research associate; and Akimichi "Michi" Yokozeki, Ph.D., a process engineer and research scientist.

"DuPont was the first company to develop and commercialize CFC alternatives, particularly for refrigeration and air conditioning, which represented about 60 percent of CFC use worldwide," said Cynthia C. Green, DuPont Fluoroproducts vice president and general manager. "At the time they were better substitutes - both in protection of the ozone layer and reduced global warming potential - but there wasn't a 'silver bullet' solution, so we used DuPont science to create more environmentally acceptable products. DuPont continues to lead industry in the development of next-generation products. Earlier this year, we were the first to announce refrigerants that have far lower global warming potential than the CFC alternatives."

The three DuPont scientists to be honored are among 24 research chemists from six companies, named as "chemical innovators whose work has led to the welfare and progress of humanity" in a significant way in the past decade. Individuals are nominated by their companies and the winners are chosen by an ACS panel in recognition of industrial work that has led to the successful development and commercialization of key products.

"DuPont scientists have one of the world's best track records for creating unique innovations that address important societal needs," said Harold L. Snyder, DuPont Fluoroproducts technology director. "By developing user- friendly refrigerant blends, this team carried on that great tradition. We are grateful to the ACS for the recognition they are giving these great scientists."

According to ACS President E. Ann Nalley, Ph.D.: "Heroes save lives and change them for the better. This year's Heroes of Chemistry have improved our lives through their inventions. We at ACS celebrate them and the corporate management that supports innovations that bring the benefits of chemistry to us all, every day.

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