Monday, October 22, 2007

Drake Landing Solar Community

Back a few months ago I overheard someone talking about a district solar thermal heating system being put in place as part of a new housing development in Canada. What makes this project unique is that solar thermal collectors are placed on the garage roofs of each of the 54 homes. The hot water is then piped to a large pit filled with grout. This pit acts as a battery which will allow the homes to store enough hot water during the summer months necessary to meet approximately 90% of their space heating needs during the year. Additionally, each home will have a small solar thermal array which will provide approximately 60% of their domestic hot water needs.

Definitely check this out. It is a good example of thinking outside of the box.

Drake Landing Web Site

As an aside, I have to wonder if this type of solution might work for large retail or office buildings. You could place the thermal storage pit under the parking lot and potentially use the heat which builds up in the asphalt to help heat the pit. Food for thought.


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