Sunday, April 23, 2006

World's First EMISSIONS FREE Hybrid Taxicabs

SACRAMENTO, CA - April 21st, 2006 - Paratransit, Inc., a nonprofit public benefit corporation that provides transportation services for elderly and disabled people, and Hybrid Technologies, Inc., emerging leaders in the development and marketing of lithium-powered products worldwide, are pleased to announce that they have entered into a joint venture agreement to determine the utility of lithium powered vehicles produced by Hybrid Technologies for taxicabs and vehicles that are fully accessible to disabled passengers.

Vehicles selected by Paratransit for use as a taxicab are full lithium, ion powered Hybrid PT Cruisers. The world's first lithium powered taxi service will support the growing demand for clean and accessible taxicabs. Hybrid Technologies contracted with Paratransit, Inc. to produce a PT Cruiser, developed by Hybrid Technologies for government fleet replacement and large public sector organizations globally. These vehicles will be the first used commercially as taxicabs.

Paratransit and Hybrid technologies also will conduct a demonstration project regarding a full lithium ion powered Daimler Chrysler family van. The addition of the larger town and country model was based on current market data and the desire to transport disabled people using emission-free vehicles. This part of the joint venture will result in the first full lithium, ion powered Hybrid vehicle that is fully accessible to people that use wheelchairs.

The vehicles will operate in the Sacramento, California area and will be used in the daily operations of Paratransit, Inc. The new Green Accessible Lithium Taxi Program is a joint effort by Hybrid Technologies and Paratransit, Inc. Hybrid Technologies will be manufacturing the newly acquired vehicles and developing its newest vehicle offering, the fully accessible clean air van, at their facility in Mooresville, North Carolina.

These vehicles have no greenhouse gas emissions while operating, have a range of 150 miles per battery and can be fully charged in 5-6 hours using a conventional 110 volt current. "This is an opportunity to continue the excellent transportation service we provide for elderly and disabled people in the Sacramento area, while making a difference in air quality", said Paratransit Associate Director and ECOS member Mary Steinert.

Holly Roseberry, Hybrid's CEO, stated "We at Hybrid Technologies salute Paratransit for their forward thinking business model and their commitment to community service. We look forward to a bright future with them."

Bill Durant, Executive Director of Paratransit, Inc., stated: "As one of the leading and largest transportation providers of the Sacramento Region, we are proud to be working with Hybrid Technologies as we look to the future of public transportation.

The ability to simply 'plug in' these vehicles, as well as the functionality of their design, has encouraged our agency to make the move to 'green technology'."

The launch of the new lithium taxi service will be held in Sacramento, California with local, state and federal dignitaries in attendance. The event will mark a major advancement in fully electric service vehicles and is expected to be of significant interest to California State officials.

For additional information, please contact:

Mary Steinert
Associate Director, Paratransit, Inc.,
Telephone: (916) 429-2009, Ext. 306, Fax:(916) 429-2409

Hybrid Technologies Public Relations
Telephone: (704) 800-1986
Fax: (702) 926-9508

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