Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Automotive X Prize Launched

The following is a brief overview of the Automotive X Prize. Let the games begin!


The rules and format of the Automotive X PRIZE are currently being developed with generous help from some of the finest minds of our time.

We will soon release the competition guidelines for public comment. To be notified when the guidelines are ready, please sign up today.

Meanwhile, we can share our goals and approach to launching an automotive revolution.

Goals of the Prize
Our goal is to stimulate automotive technology, manufacturing and marketing breakthroughs that:

* Radically reduce oil consumption and harmful emissions
* Result in a new generation of super-efficient and desirable mainstream vehicles that people want to buy

How it will work
The rules are being shaped by our philosophy that the Automotive X PRIZE must:

* Achieve our main goals (above)
* Be simple to understand and easy to communicate
* Benefit the world - this is a global challenge
* Result in real cars available for purchase, not concept cars
* Remain independent, fair, non-partisan, and technology-neutral
* Provide clear technical boundaries (i.e., for fuel-efficiency, emissions, safety, manufacturability, performance, capacity, etc.)
* Offer a "level playing field" that attracts both existing automobile manufacturers and newcomers
* Attract a balanced array of private investment, donors, sponsors, and partners to help competitors succeed (e.g., manufacturing assistance, testing resources, etc.)
* Make heroes out of the competitors and winner(s) through unprecedented exposure, media coverage and a significant cash award
* Educate the public on key issues

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